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Different Types of Windsurfing Sails

Anybody who wants to windsurf should familiarize themselves with the different types of windsurfing sails. Windsurfing sails have evolved to include many different types to cover all the various styles of windsurfing. However, they can be broken up into four major categories.

Slalom Sails

Slalom sails are made with speed In mind. They are constructed with a larger sail to better utilize the wind and convert this wind to speed. The sail is light so it can an more easily water-start than most sails. However, due to its more fragile construction, slalom sails can also easily break during an accident. Therefore, they are best used with light booms and masts to not weight down the entire rig.

Wave Sails

Wave sails are smaller in size, but are also meant for stronger winds. Because of its construction, in the event of a fall the wave sail won’t be damaged. Its design makes it ideal for riding waves from strong winds because of their heavy weight and rigid build.

Freestyle Sails

Freestyle sails are lightweight sails intended for weaker winds. The are best for more relaxing windsurfing styles as well as some tricks in mild wind conditions. A freestyle sail is a good pick if you want to get technical with your windsurfing and work on your dexterity and form.

Freeride Sails

Freeride sails can be best described as being all-purpose sails. It allows you excel in many different styles of windsurfing without focusing on one specific one. Generally speaking, freeride sails are good picks for beginner windsurfers. However, many companies offer their own special category of windsurfing sails called beginner sails. These vary in size but are generally made for novice windsurfers and kids of various ages, respectively.

Of course, there are also novelty windsurfing sails and the like, but they’re in a category all on their own. However, for most of you windsurfers, these are the four categories of the different types windsurfing sails you’ll be riding with.

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