/Parts of the Windsurfing Board
parts of the windsurfing board

Parts of the Windsurfing Board

Getting to know windsurfing if you’re a beginner does not have to be difficult, but choosing a beginner windsurfing board can be confusing. This goes without saying, but the board is the most fundamental equipment needed for windsurfing. It helps to first know all the different parts of the windsurfing board because it will help you choose the right windsurf board. So, let’s get right down to it.

The Fin

The windsurfing fin is essentially the bottom of the board. Its purpose is directional control. A smaller fin is recommended for beginner windsurfers because it allows for easier movement. It is also better for strong winds. A larger fin is best for weaker winds and larger sails.


Sizing a windsurf board requires knowing the volume. The volume of the board describes how much water is able to displace before the board sinks. As a general rule, 1 liter of water is able to hold 1 Kg of weight. However, for your first windsurfing board, it should be your weight plus 50 – 90L.


Daggerboards are perfect for windsurfing beginners. The middle of the board features a retractable fin. When the fins are down, they allow one to stabilize and prevent drifting on the waters. Some daggerboards retract naturally once they achieve certain speeds. Once you overcome the hurdles of being a windsurfing beginners, you can go on to freeride boards.

Mast Box

If you want to connect your board to a sail or any other equipment, the mast box serves this purpose. It is a slot which allows it to connect.


Out of all the parts of the windsurfing board, footstraps should be obvious: they help you to plant your feet on the board. When using a harness, footstraps are a must.

These are the basic parts and attributes of any beginner’s windsurfing board. Your best bet would be a high-volume, daggerboard.