/Where to Windsurf in California
Where to Windsurf in California

Where to Windsurf in California

Unsure where to windsurf in California? Luckily, California has some of the better locations to windsurf in the United States and is suitable for all skill levels. With a very active surfing culture, windsurfers are expected in California and especially in the San Francisco Bay area. Overall, as a rival of Hawaii, the state is very accessible for windsurfers and is a great place to pick up the sport.

Windsurfing in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay is the most popular region in all of California not only to windsurf, but for all kinds of surfing. The best weather for windsurfing runs from May till August. The best winds during this time are at noon throughout the bay.

3rd Avenue in San Mateo is an oddly specific spot, but this shipping channel has swelling waves and stronger winds than the nearby shore. Therefore, it’s recommended for intermediate and expert windsurfers. A popular location for windsurfers and sailing, the winds are consistent and the shore is easy to get to.

Rio Vista is another location which is excellent for the summer months. The winds are strong and the river can produce some strong waves which is a thrill for many more experienced windsurfers.

Davenport Beach
Davenport Beach

45 minutes from San Francisco is Davenport, a location windsurfers flock to. The winds are too strong for kitesurfers here, so you’ll mostly see windsurfers like yourself. However, be warned, be sure you know how to windsurf before you visit this spot because if you’re not careful you could end up on the rocks.

Crown Beach and Coyote Point Park in San Mateo are two of the top beach locations in the Bay Area for windsurfing beginners. Boardsports California offers affordable lessons there which come with windsurfing gear like the board, sail, and wetsuit.

Other Locations to Windsurf in California

The San Francisco area is not the only spot where windsurfers can find good locations to ride. Northern California has spots including Bucks Lake, Benbow Lake, and Lake Oroville. Although the waves are not as strong, these locations will make for a relaxing windsurfing experience. In Southern California, you can try visiting Dana Point and Lake Hodges, both scenic areas fit for all levels of windsurfing experience.