/Where to Windsurf in Egypt
Where to Windsurf in Egypt

Where to Windsurf in Egypt

Egypt is an excellent place to windsurf for all skill levels. The climate is generally hot and dry most of the year. A common place for tourists generally, the entry requirements are not very expensive or difficult to follow. One simply has to purchase an Egyptian visa which can be done at the airport. Its strong winds and waters bring people from Europe and all over the world to windsurf in Egypt. Anyway, lets get to it! Here is our list of where to windsurf in Egypt.

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is considered one of the best locations to windsurf in Egypt. Not only does it a boast a range of nice hotels, but is recommended for all kinds of windsurfers. Dahab is a common area for water sports of all kinds on the holidays including scuba diving, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing. The wind in Dahab makes it gusty near the shoreline and is best in the mornings. Because of its calm waters in the afternoon, Dahab is also an excellent location to teach kids how to windsurf.

Dahab, Egypt

Safaga, Egypt

With its long wide beach, some say Safage is a better spot than Dahab. Just like Dahab, this location also boasts excellent conditions for all windsurfing skill levels. The lagoon area is best for beginners with its flat water and weaker winds.

Near Safage is Toubia Island, a small sandy island which is only 2.4 mph from the shore. The environment provides some beautiful scenery and waters for sailing. However, windsurfers should also know that Safage does not have strong waves.

Soma Bay, Egypt

Soma Bay is an excellent space for beginners especially. However, bear in mind this is a luxury location. However, if you’re able to afford it, it boasts reliable winds and a gigantic lagoon for windsurfing. The southern side features many calmer waters for windsurfing beginners mostly, but overall the entire area is safe and within windsurfing distance. The super flat conditions of the bay allow for smooth winds.

The Soma Bay is thus recommended especially for beginners unsure where to windsurf in Egypt, but its smooth winds would also be suitable for intermediate windsurfers who want to gain more confidence in their abilities.

Hurghada, Egypt

A well-staffed windsurfing school and community is established at Hurghada. In 2015, the area opened a new windsurfing school at the Mercure hotel and there are plenty of shops for equipment. The best months to windsurf in Hurghada would be during the summer time, where there is reliable wind most of the year.

Hurghada, Egypt

Aside from windsurfing, Hurghada also offers tours and day trips into Egypt. It’s thus a prime location not only for windsurfing, but also for someone who wants to experience more of the country.

Egypt offers many prime locations for windsurfing which is why Europeans and others flock to its shores during the summer months. With Egyptian tourism once again booming, windsurfers will definitely find agreeable windsurfing conditions in these fantastic sites. If you’re interested in more place to windsurf in addition to where to windsurf in Egypt, check out our page to other locations here.